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Johnny Bob 4-Track-EP „Hunted By A Caproid“ release in January 2020


On January 15th, Johnny Bob release 4-Track-EP „Hunted By A Caproid“.


Based on a poem by vocalist Carsten Díaz, „Hunted By A Caproid“ meanders into the electronic-psychedelic side of Hamburg-based progrockers Johnny Bob. Recording sessions took place at Ulumulu Studios, as were the two preceding albums „Carnival Of The Brahma-Sox“ (2017) and „Fjodor And The Water Giant“ (2019).


"Koma Planet" and "Flamingo Riders Of Nyderkleveez" are two instrumentals, while "Sky Whales" and "Assassin Of Ego" are the first Johnny Bob songs which introduce Díaz' voice to the audience. With the support of guest musicians and told by famous storyteller Barney Hallmann, „Hunted By A Caproid“ continues the band's passion for state of the art progrock.


The song „Assassin Of Ego“ will be released as a prelistener on the day of the winter solstice.



The Story of Hunted by a Caproid incl.


01 Koma Planet

02 Flamingo Riders of Nyderkleveez

03 Sky Whales

04 Assassin of Ego

Our new album “Egbert`s Barber Shop” will be officially released on September 4th.

Eight brand new tracks are waiting to be awakened by your ears. Jörg, Carsten, Philip, Jürgen and Jan, we all are very happy with this piece of our music.

© 2017 by Johnny Bob

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